Shoreline Christian School’s goal for each student is to awaken a love for God, a desire for learning, and an
orientation toward service to others.

Seek: At Shoreline Christian School (SCS) we believe true success is achieved only when we commit
ourselves to God and follow His plan for our lives. We trust the Bible record that our world and each person
in it was created by God for fellowship with Him now and for eternity. To this end, students are encouraged
to SEEK a personal friendship with Jesus every day and to develop their mind, body and talents to their
fullest potential.

Create: In appreciation for God’s amazing love, SCS teaches students to care for all of God’s creation
responsibly and wisely. We strive to lead our students to use their skills and energy to CREATE an
atmosphere of hope, love and purpose wherever they go.

Serve: At SCS we believe each person has the privilege and responsibility of making the world a better
place. We aim to inspire our students to joyfully SERVE others, and provide many opportunities for them to
do so.

Seek. Create. Serve.

Shoreline Christian School is located on the beautiful coast of Florence, Oregon. It is founded on Biblical
principles which center in the Trinity -- God our loving, heavenly Father; Jesus our Saviour; and the Holy
Spirit, our Guide. The three waves in our logo represent this Unity in diversity, a principle we strive to
emulate in our relationships with others as well.

The waves, in the form of an open book, represent our divine source of wisdom, the Holy Bible, and our
quest for knowledge through rigorous academic scholarship.

As waves flow out in ever-widening currents that eventually encompass the whole world, Shoreline Christian
School endeavors to prepare students to reach out to the world in loving service. We strive to inspire our
students to develop their God-given talents to their full potential so that they can more effectively share
God’s love and care in a hurting world, and spread the good news of salvation and Jesus’ imminent return
to reclaim His people to live eternally with Him.

Personal commitment to Jesus
Biblical principles guide one’s life
Respect and care for every person as part of God’s family
Focus on service to others
Lifelong healthy lifestyle choices
Care for the world environment
Academic excellence
Hands-on, experiential learning opportunities
Preparation for the 21st Century/STEM
Strive to reach individual potential

Affiliated with the second largest Christian education system in the world. Nationally accredited curriculum.
Certified teachers. Rigorous academics. STEM. Music. Art/technology camps. Physical fitness challenge.
Academic fairs. Individualized instruction. Project-based learning. Critical thinking and conversation.
Community Outreach. Outdoor School. Biblical world view. Moral character development. Christian
leadership. Inclusive multi-grade setting. Low student/teacher ratio. Safe learning environment. Affordable
tuition. Scholarships.

Safe and Sound video presentation
Few decisions are as important -- and potentially life-changing as choosing a school for your children.  In this video you will learn some of the history of Adventist Christian education.  Hear from some of our committed Christian teachers and see how Adventist Christian education provides a quality academic experience in a caring Christian environment.

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Journey to Excellence video presentation
Hear from administrators, teachers, parents and students about the quality academics, strong curriculum and integrated spiritual and moral content of our school.

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