Financial Information and Agreement

Link to Financial Agreement pdf form: site/1/docs/Financial Agreement.pdf

Financial Information
Shoreline Christian School exists to provide children in the local community with a high quality Christian education.
In order to operate on a sound financial basis, it is vital that all accounts be kept current, in accordance
with the financial agreement made herein. Proper financial arrangements must be made prior to admission.
Students whose accounts are not kept up-to-date are subject to dismissal.

Payment Information
Shoreline Christian School operates on a ten-month payment plan. The first monthly tuition payment is due
at registration with the year’s registration fee. Subsequent tuition payments are due on the 15th of each
month beginning in September. The tenth and final payment is due the 15th of May.

Rates per Student
Registration Monthly            Tuition x 10 Months                     Total for Year
$300                                     $310                                            $3,400

The non-refundable registration fee is due with the application registration. This fee covers student insurance,
textbook rental, consumable workbooks, library and technology expenditures, and miscellaneous
teaching materials and expenses.

Early Payment
Students who register by May 15th receive a $100 discount off the registration fee. A $50 discount is applied
to accounts paid in full for the year prior to the first day of classes.

Collection Policy
Tuition payment is due by the 15th of the month. If payment has not been received by the 25th of the
month, you will be contacted for immediate payment or satisfactory arrangements must be made. If satisfactory
arrangements are not made as of the 15th of the following month, the student will be ineligible to
attend school until the account is brought current.


Make checks payable to:
Shoreline Christian School
P.O. Box 3000
Florence, OR 97439

Scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis for students who qualify. With the exception of
the Partners for Eternity scholarship, families are expected to finance their child’s Christian education to the
extent that they are able. Our goal in offering scholarships is to assist as many families as possible to afford
Christian education for their children. Current scholarship programs include:

Partners for Eternity (PFE) – a work-based scholarship in which students commit to visit and help a specific
individual one hour each week and submit a report after each visit. Facilitating interpersonal and crossgenerational
interaction while helping students earn scholarship funds is the focus of this program. This
scholarship is open to anyone with the interpersonal skills and commitment necessary for the program.
Students can earn up to $100 per month toward their tuition.

Every Child Deserves to Know Christ (primarily for first graders) – a needs-based scholarship for students
enrolling in Seventh-day Adventist education for the first time, with the intent of continuing in the system
long-term. Applicants for this scholarship must first fill out the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment online.

Additional scholarships may become available from time to time. If financial aid is vital to your child’s attendance
at Shoreline Christian School, please talk with our treasurer or principal.

FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment
The FACTS Grant and Aid assessment assists in determining the amount of scholarship funds for which your
child may qualify. Applicants must pay a small fee to apply online at factsmgt.com/aid. Supporting documents
can be uploaded online or faxed to 866-315-9264. A report will be sent to the school admissions
committee for review and will remain confidential. For additional information, please speak with the principal
or school treasurer.

Financial Agreement
Billing Address of Financial Guarantor
Name ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Social Security Number ____________________________________________________________________________
Email Address_____________________________________________________________________________________
Cell Phone ______________________ Work Phone ______________________Home Phone___________________
Mailing Address___________________________________________________________________________________
City________________________________________ State ______________________ Zip _____________________

Student’s Name                       Grade  Registration Fee  Monthly Tuition     Subtotal
________________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _________
________________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _________
________________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _________

Scholarship awards (if applicable) ______________________________ amount ____________________________
Early payment discounts ______________________________________ amount ____________________________
Total amount due for year __________________________________________________________________________
Monthly payment amount __________________________________________________________________________
Signature of Financial Guarantor__________________________________________ Date ____________________

Your signature confirms your agreement to the financial arrangement outlined above.

Link to Financial Agreement pdf form: site/1/docs/Financial Agreement.pdf